Penske Racing Shocks
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Special Penske racing shock products

Special Penske Racing Shock Products

    Bump Rubbers Bump Rubbers - £16.58 each

    • Micro-cell foam construction
    • Ribbed wall thickness for progressive rate
    • Length can be cut-to-length for specific needs
    • Four densities available and distinguishable by colour

    BR-28 - RED 28gram
    BR-32 - YELLOW 32gram
    BR-38 - BLACK 38gram
    BR-47 - BLUE 47gram 

    Hydraulic Secondary Spring

    Hydraulic Secondary Spring The 9000 SS Hydraulic Secondary Spring is a simple hydraulic linking system between a pair of dampers that allows dynamic roll connection between side dampers while maintaining platform in pitch and heave (2 wheel bump). This is carried out in a remote reservoir that houses a mechanical spring whose engagement point is varied either with the total amount of system oil volume or by an external adjuster. Simply put, the system allows the use of lighter corner springs for grip by supporting additional displacement with the internal canister spring. Depending on the spring used in the canister and on the corners, the roll of the vehicle is counteracted dynamically. When the outside spring is compressed in roll, internal pressures of the dampers act on the internal spring which helps to extend the inside wheel. This has been proven to maintain higher loading on the typically "unloaded" wheel for a longer duration through a corner which adds grip.
    The 9000 SS is being used with success in CART, ALMS, GARRS and Touring Cars to name a few.

    Lola 0205 CART Pitch Damper Lola 0205 CART Pitch Damper

    The Lola 0205 CART Pitch damper was born out of a desire of Penkse-fitted teams to have an adjustable damper that offered more adjustability and tuneability than what was currently available. The Lola 0205 CART Pitch damper is exactly that, a true damper first and foremost that is identical to a standard Penske 8760. It offers the same adjustments and piston selection of the 8760 but incorporates a sliding spring engagement platform. The point at which the main "third" spring is engaged depends on the gap set on the top eye. A second helper spring comes with the unit to ensure proper alignment of the spring when the main spring is not engaged. The available adjustment gap is 1.5 inches. Other features include a dentented engagement adjuster and rebound screw for positive clicks when making adjustments. The pitch damper is available in both 45mm and 55mm sizes in both piggyback and remote reservoir configurations. The pitch damper is currently being used in CART with success.

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