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McPherson Racing Struts

McPherson Racing Struts -

DU-Bush McPherson Strut

Circuit or Rally our McPherson Struts have been refined to give an unequalled performance in terms of, friction, stiction and cost. Each strut build will be unique to the specific car with your require open and closed length.

A popular use is Ford escort MK2,

Our strut has had success on Scott Williams Motorsport machine displaying the quality and performances to be had from our builds.   

  • 1st at Circuit de Chimay Escort rally special driven by Francois Duval (Ex WRC)
  • A class win by Jason Pritchard (Historic Rally Champ) on the Rali Bae Ceredigion rally and 3rd overall beating several ex WRC cars


Available Forms

  • Non Adjustable proves a simple compact damper featuring an internal gas chamber. 
  • Single Adjustable that can tune rebound or compression, even combination of both via through jet.
  • Double Adjustable version has a separate compression via a remote reservoir and rebound adjustment that allows you to tune each individually.


Linear-Bearing McPherson Racing Strut

As a critical, load-bearing component of cars suspension we endue, it can withstand high lateral load by using the best aircraft grade materials, it is crucial that our racing struts operate with minimal friction, in order achieve minimal friction, and retain strength Penske racing struts are built using one of two principle designs:

DU-Bush McPherson Strut
Utilizes DU-Bush technology to achieve smooth movement between the inner and outer tube. The outer surface of our inner tubes is hard-chromed and ground to a fine tolerance in both diameter and surface finish. It is this combination, which has given Penske struts such a successful motor racing history.

Linear-Bearing McPherson Strut
Born out of British Touring Car Championship technology, our use of linear roller bearings, as the medium for strut motion, has proven itself a critical breakthrough in the McPherson strut market. Specialized materials, in both the inner and outer casings, combined with our meticulous tolerances on the interfacing diameters, have allowed this technology to produce a sliding inner/outer tube assembly, which produces negligible levels of friction under any load; a combination also unmatched in terms of rigidity and strength.

  • Single Adjustable - 24 Clicks
  • Double Adjustable –Compression 17 clicks of adjustment.  24 Clicks of rebound.
  • Triple Adjustable- 25 Clicks low speed Compression, 17 high speed Compression. 28 clicks rebound
  • Remote reservoir for easy mounting (double/ triple adjustable only)
  • Various top pin options
  • Circuit racing or rally applications
  • 45mm or 55mm insert body diameter
  • Aerospace low friction scraper seals


To find out more information about the performance rally or circuit dampers contact us or order your own McPherson Racing Struts now:


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