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7600 Series car damper

click here for price list 7600 Series Car Damper

1 Way Adjustable Car Damper

All parts available for replacement at a reasonable cost.
Completely owner serviceable and revalveable.
Various bodycap eyelet options.
Upgradeable to 8100 or 8760 Series Adjuster.

7600 Series Damper

  • Short Track
      Dirt and Asphalt
  • Formula Build (front shock)
The 7600 car damper takes the 7500 concept and goes a step further in size and weight reduction. By going to a 1.562 bore diameter body and reducing the shaft diameter to Ø.500, the overall damper weight is reduced and packaging in some chassis applications becomes possible. The 7600 design features all the same attributes of the 7500, namely a gas separator piston, lightweight body and single adjustability. The 7600 can also accept a remote cockpit adjuster eyelet if desired. A wide variety of pistons and body lengths are available for this car damper as well which makes it able to be used in different forms of racing. It currently features a smooth body for non coilover applications only.

Currently, the 7600 is being used with success in numerous short track markets (World of Outlaws, USAC Sprints, All-Star Sprints and Mini Sprints) and Formula Vee Sportscars.

  • Owner rebuildable and revalveable
  • Adjuster option (open, comp. or rebound)
  • Assembled to customer specifications
  • 3", 6" and 8" lengths
  • All machined parts
  • Consistent performance
  • Personalised set-ups
  • Lightweight


7600 Series - Specifications

Type Shock
Aluminium Small Body 7603 13.2" * 10.0" 3.2" .5", .625" w 2 lbs.
Aluminium Small Body 7606 18.25" 12.25" 6" .5", .625" w 2 lbs. 2 oz
Aluminium Small Body 7608 22.25" 14.5" 8" .5", .625" w 2 lbs. 4 oz
7600 Series Single Adjustable 760_-SA +.25 +.25 3", 6", 8" .5", .625" w Same as above weights

*Can drop to customer's specifications

7600 Series - Features
Click to view diagram and features of 7600 Series

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