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7500 Series


The most versatile Penske shock absorber available, the entry level 7500 series is available in a variety of sizes and adjustability options. From the track to the street, this model can be customised to meet any driving style or condition. The 7500 is available in both coilover and non coilover style in all body lengths. Single shaft adjuster options include rebound, compression, or rebound and compression combined. The 7500 is now also available as a double adjustable unit – allowing independent adjustment of compression and rebound.

  • Non, Single or Double Adjustable
  •  5”, 6”, 7”, 8” and 9” Body Lengths
  • Hand Built to Customer Specifications
  • Owner Rebuildable and Revalvable
  • Coilover Option
  • Nitrogen Separator Piston
  • Headvalve Option
  • Consistent Performance
  • All Aluminium CNC Machined Parts
  • Personalised Valve/Piston Set-Up
  • PS-7500NA - Non Adjustable, Non Coilover
  • PS-7500CONA - Non Adjustable, Coilover
  • PS-7500SA - Single Adjustable, Non Coilover
  • PS-7500COSA - Single Adjustable, Coilover
  • PS-7500DA - Double Adjustbale, Non Coilover
  • PS-7500CODA - Double Adjustable, Coilover




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